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NFPATie-Rod Lynair manufactures five different NFPA interchangeable series of cylinders: Series A and Series AL Air Cylinders, Series LH and Series H Hydraulic Cylinders, and Series PW Water Cylinders.  Additional Tie Rod Series include CS2 Automotive, F-800 Foundry, AJ Adjustable
Stroke, AD Airdraulic, AB Air Booster, and HBA8 and HB4 Air-Hydraulic Boosters.
Mill-Type cylinder series include: Series MTA Mill-Type Air, Series MTH , MHH, and M3H Mill-Type Hydraulic, Series TMA Torpedo Mill-Type Air, and TMH Torpedo Mill-Type Hydraulic.
Lynair offers a multitude of options and modifications to our standard cylinders.  That's why we like to call special cylinders our Modified Standards.  Let our experienced engineering staff work with you to provide a Modified Standard Cylinder to meet your needs.



Custom Control Sensors manufactures adjustable standard and custom pressure and temperature switches for the industrial and aerospace markets.   CCS makes the best pressure, temperature and flow switches in the world. Custom Control Sensors'  switches are highly reliable devices that utilize a CCS "DUAL-SNAP" action disc spring principle pioneered by Custom Control Sensors for over 50 years.

CCS pressure switches are used in a whole range of industrial applications for hydraulic, pneumatic, filter, heating and cooling systems. They are suitable for a wide variety of media, e.g. high-octane rating petrol, hydro-carbons, hot water, greases, and brake-fluids.  CCS temperature switches are used in a whole range of industrial applications. DUAL-SNAP temperature switches may be used virtually anywhere. These switches may be used in systems with proof pressure up to 1500 PSIG, with system temperatures varying from -30°F to +630°F, and at any altitude above sea level. Typical applications include use on water and steam lines, heat exchangers, lube oil and gear box bearing. Capillary tube permit use in hazardous or hard-to-service situations.

Air-Mite Devices

Air-Mite Devices has expanded its line to include a variety of Pneumatic Automation Components. The current product line includes air arbor presses, four (4) separate series of air cylinders, various series of air and hydraulic valves, several safety circuit components, and many miniaturized accessories. Air-Mite offers a broad range of components for use in production and assembly. Air-Mite components may be found servicing industries such as Packaging, Textiles, Chemicals, Construction, Electronics, Woodworking and many others.Quality and speed of delivery remain the primary feature of all products manufactured by Air-Mite Devices. A very competitively priced line of products which can normally be shipped directly from stock. Air-Mite stands for Quality and Service.


Sunshine Filters


Sewn End Elements - Heavy duty radial fin  filter elements made with 16 ga. or 20 ga. center cores. Filter media is  supported by heavy 4 x 4 mesh. Elements are  cleanable and can be factory reconditioned. Gaskets are attached with adhesive or hand sewn on for liquid service.  Options: backwash screen, fin spacers, alternative metals and media.

Molded End Elements
Radial fin element made using the same heavy duty center core as sewn end elements. Filter media is pleated between (2) layers of epoxy coated wire mesh. End seals are molded with durable plastisol. Elements are cleanable. Options: alternative metals, media and molding compounds, pre-filter wraps.

Panel Filters - 
Pleated design. Heavy duty galvanized frames. Primary stage contains  polyester felt media. Second and third stage have microglass media and corrugated fin spacers. Primary elements measure 1 1/2" or 2" wide. Final stage elements are 11 1/2" wide. All panel elements are a nominal 24" x 24". Panel elements have pull strap for easy removal. Options: primary panels are      available with 4 or 10 micron felted media.  Final stage elements  have 0.3 or 2 micron.
"DA" Elements - Pleated filter element with no center core. Sometimes referred to as "Accordion" style. Filter media is pleated between (2) layers of heavy mesh. Element is cleanable and reusable. Single length molded end versions of all sizes are available. All sizes are furnished with a polyester pre-filter wrap.


WandFluh of America

Through the use of AutoCAD, Hi-Cad, and 3-D modeling, Wandfluh of America can meet unique design requirements. When requested, we can also provide circuit design and system analysis support through our distributor network.


Since 1983, Ebbco Inc. has evolved from a Detroit based industrial distributor dealing in fluid filters of all types, to a leading international company with a market focus on the metalworking industry.  Ebbco sells to end-users through an extensive North American distribution system and direct to OEM's to keep initial acquisition costs low.

As our company has evolved, it has become clear that the three elements of primary importance to us are our customers, our employees and our suppliers.  First and foremost, Ebbco's goal is to supply our customers with state of the art, innovative metalworking filtration products that are easy to use and cost effective.  One our primary strengths is to determine what the industry needs and to engineer our products to meet those needs.

Solberg Manufacturing Inc, your Filter Solutions Provider, manufactures inlet filter silencers, exhaust filters, silencers, separators and vacuum filters for the air compressor, blower, and vacuum pump industries and many more.

Our filter products are available in carbon steel and stainless steel (both 304 and 316) with special coatings and finishes available with many in stock quantities. The filter elements are made from industrial grade polyester and paper media with special media available for all types of applications including high temperature, corrosive, fine filtration, chemical grade, adsorptive and coalescing.

AVER Corporation

Vacuum Lifters

ANVER offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Including horizontal lifters, powered tilters and battery powered lifters.

Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters

ANVER is a leading manufacturer of Vacuum Tube Lifting systems in the United States with a wide selection of Vacuum Tube Lifters and Replacement Vacuum Tube Lifter Parts.

Vacuum Cups

Selection, high quality, huge stock, and order shipment efficiency have made ANVER the leading North American source for suction cups, vacuum cups, level compensators, suspensions and vacuum cup mountings, and sealing rings.
Electric and Compressed Air Powered Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Generators and Vacuum Stations, Vacuum Valves and Switches, Vacuum Filters and Exhaust Mufflers, Air Movers and Transfer Tubes, and a wide range of Vacuum System Accessories, all available at competitive prices.